Mary Garris
Teacher, Owner

Miss Mary earned a B.A. in piano and an M.A. in music theory from California State University, Northridge.  She started teaching for Junior Music Academy in Ventura County in 1983, opened her own branch of JMA in Orange County in 1989, and established JMA Kona in 1998. 

In August of 2018, JMA Kona will be celebrating 20 years of bringing innovative and fun music education to Kona’s keiki.

JMA embraces the philosophy that young music makers need to be given the freedom to create their own music from their very first lessons, using improvisation as a learning tool.  Within the first few months of lessons, children as young as 4 begin composing their own songs - even writing them down!

Students between the ages of 4 and 10 are taught to both read music and play by ear, giving them the necessary tools to play all kinds of music.

While piano is the primary instrument taught at JMA, all 4-10 year olds are introduced to both recorder and guitar, giving them a taste of a woodwind instrument and a stringed instrument in addition to the keyboard.

Parents are an integral part of the JMA classroom; learning right along with their keiki, singing, moving, and even playing the keyboards.  Because of their classroom participation, parents are able to nurture their child’s musical progress in class and at home.

And it’s never too early to begin making music! Our infant/toddler and 3-4 year old courses offer creative and fun experiences for the youngest musicians.